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I Am Strangely Excited to Fold Laundry Like Marie Kondo

Sometimes at night when I’m working in my office, my oldest son and I will turn on some wildly uncommon choice of program on Netflix and make a few jokes about it together.  This time, we turned on a tidying show with Marie Kondo.  She must be pretty pervasive in recent years because I don’t keep up with those type of things, but I recognize her from a free Kindle book that I flipped through a while back.

In a few minutes, we stopped laughing and started saying that her little tricks were sort of genius.

Before the episode ended, we paused it and decided to tackle the baby’s room – the nursery that had never been organized from the day he was born.

In less than an hour, we were done.  The result was incredible.  I just couldn’t believe that Bubbie is 13 months old, never had a complete room, and it took less than an hour to transform.

In honor of my new love of Marie Kondo, I actually started a new Pinterest board for bedroom organization.  Check it out here.

I also think I’ve just developed a mom-crush on Marie Kondo.  I’m thinking I’d also love to have her wardrobe…  Wonder how to start on that project.

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