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Does My Baby Secretly Communicate With The Dalai Lama?

I was trapped in yet another airport over the holidays and got to watching a special about the Dalai Lama on CNN.  As I watched, I couldn’t help but notice a spooky similarity between my 1 year old boy (affectionately tagged Bubbie) and the Tibetan Buddhist leader.  As everyone around me griped about their delayed flights and cursed their in-laws under their breath, my son continued to giggle at everything and anything he encountered.  Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama lives out his entire existence in exile and is widely known for his unfailing smile.

Both of these cheery personalities draw the people around them to feel the same way.  Bubbie made 6 new friends getting on that same flight without me ever saying a word.  He high-fived some and played silly faces with others…  I’m really just a chauffeur for the young, charismatic fellow.

If you’re having trouble figuring out who’s who in the photo above, the young man in red is the Dalai Lama.  Really though, I’ve often wished I could harness that happiness and skip the frustration when things start to get a little tough.

So what is the secret that keeps little babies and zen monks happy all the time?

Dalai Lama's Top 10 Rules For Success

Now that we know how the Dalai Lama sees it, let’s see how he and the baby stack up.

Help Others.  Bubbie loves to see other people smile, probably as much as he enjoys ice cream.  Doesn’t it warm your heart to see someone happy as a result of something you’ve done?  A child seeks out the approval of a parent and later, the approval of peers.  This all seems like a natural happiness from giving it to others, doesn’t it?

Don’t Care What Others Say.  Bubbie doesn’t give a rip about that time you split your pants open at work and if he ripped his pants today, your judgement of his clothing malfunction wouldn’t affect him in the least.  At what point do we begin to let that judgement bother us?  Or is it a learned reaction inherently associated with our innate desire to make others happy?

Pay Attention To Your Inner Values. Bubbie’s values are simple.  Love and be loved.  Smile and laugh.  He has no concept of purposeful evil or being hurtful to others.

Be Calm.  Remember my story about the airport?  Nothing about that frustrating situation could shake Bubbie.  Later on, we spent hours hopping trains from New York to New Jersey in the rain.  Even as this scene dragged on and his clothes got damp, his cup was spilled on his blanket and his diaper was filled – Bubbie continued to smile at fellow train riders.  His calm never lifted.

Have Compassion.  I once saw the dog accidentally run over the cat.  The cat got pissed and started hissing.  Bubbie’s normally serene cat was up in arms and Bubbie simply melted down.  He cried like someone had pinched him until the cat calmed down.  Since that day, I’ve repeatedly seen him become visibly upset when one of the other kids gets sad or angry.  Apparently, babies have a sense of built-in sympathy.

Be Determined.  I’ve also seen Bubbie use tools and contrive innumerable ways to access mysterious items that have been labeled off limits.  His curiosity must be satisfied and if that means using tricks and tools to overturn the trash can or break into the cleaning closet, the deed will be done.  Nothing stands between Bubbie and a fistful of soft, soft cat hair.  Consequences be damned.

Meditate.  This one is questionable, but Bubbie does spend a hefty bit of time in an open-eyed coma state during the last few minutes while he tries valiantly to fight off the urge to nap.

Keep Things In Perspective.  If there’s one thing Bubbie doesn’t do, it’s complicate matters with his personal baggage or color situations with other events.  No matter who lost yesterday’s game or what transpired between the Kardashian’s, if Bubbie thinks a yellow bus is hilarious – that bus will not fail to be a true knee slapper.

Develop Friendships. Come on.  Everyone loves a smiling baby.  Did I mention he was high-fiving strangers on the plane?

Share Funny Stories.  He does tell a lot of stories and laughs at himself.  I can’t understand what he’s saying, but if his attitude suggests anything, it’s a total hoot.  I’ve also been victim of several games of “Made You Look”.

This has all been a bit silly, but you can’t help seeing the lines cross at least somewhat here.

Isn’t it possible that we are all born with every tool we need to be truly happy?

It’s up to us to throw it all away and find it again later.

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