The Art of Mom Hacking

Hello and welcome to my life! My name is Jenny Logan.  That isn’t really a picture of me.  It’s just a cool stock photo of a lady who looks sort of like me.  Not so sure I’d rock those pants, though.  I’m a little funny about protecting my online identity, but also realize that keeping a public journal makes that virtually impossible so I’m opting for a small sense of security in obscurity.

Anyhow, now that we have that out of the way – what is the point of this site?  I primarily view it as a way of remembering the things I learn and experience throughout my life.  If you want to call it a personal blog, you can, but I see it more as a way to go back and re-use my own resources so I don’t have to do the research twice.

For example, a few weeks ago my family got stuck overnight waiting on a flight in Minneapolis.  It was a fun adventure.  We got an AirBnB and found a cool place to grab some dinner.  The only problem was that our regular bags were checked, so we were missing some essentials like toothbrushes.  I determined that I would learn to pack the most efficient and thoughtful carry-on backpack you’d ever encountered, but “oh me!”.  Where, oh where, would I record such an undertaking?

Right Here.

No really, though.  I have a large family with some clever ideas about life and travel that I thought more people might want to snap up for themselves.  It isn’t always easy to manage a herd of kids and still remember to enjoy all the facets of this life.  Or maybe you don’t currently realize that some of those things are still an option.  This site is for you.

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